Travel Trip! 

Friends and Family, 

This past week our team visited multiple ministries across Thailand and Cambodia. We visited Pattaya, Bangkok and the rest of the team travelled to Cambodia while I unfortunately had to stay in Bangkok due to my passport being stolen. 

Overall the trip was really stretching. Pattaya and Bangkok were completely different for me regarding areas of growth. 

In Pattaya I loved making new connections with organizations and seeing how they are at work in Asia. I was praying during my time there for God to show me if international missions could be a part of my future. I am continuing to trust in God’s faithful guidance. 

My time in Bangkok was filled with unforeseen circumstance that brought me to complete surrender and trust in Gods leading and provision. When I realized my passport had been stolen I had to remind myself that even in a city of over eight million people God saw me and had His loving eye on me the entire time. In Gods perfect timing he provided my passport, visa extension and a flight back to Phuket. He knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it even though it brought trials of many kinds. 

In less than twenty days my time at Justice Semester comes to an end. I look forward to sharing stories with you when I arrive back home. This coming week we are focusing on reverse-culture shock and what modern missions looks like in todays day and age. 

Please pray for: 

1. Our team in the last coming weeks that we would be attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit in discerning what is to come whether it be missions back home or cross culturally. 
2. Continued revelation and growth from the previous trip we embarked on. 
3. God’s name would continue to be made known in the nation of Thailand. 

He is so good and He deserves all honour and glory and praise. Thank you so much for praying. 



Week Six! 

The Sixth Week!

What I love about God is that He sees me, He knows me and He loves me through and through. He waits for me so patiently. When I finally humble myself to call upon His name He lovingly embraces me into His arms. I am so thankful for a Father who is in constant pursuit of me when all that is in focus are the desires of my flesh. It is so easy for Jesus to be someone blurred in the background of life. I am grateful to be a daughter of the most high King. 

This week in Thailand has been quite significant for me. It was like an oppression over my life was released and a joy was instilled in my heart! Thank you Lord! It is so easy to put a mask on or bottle emotion inside, but God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. It is difficult to explain the emotions that I have felt over the past month with figuring out who I am as a daughter of the King and where my identity is rooted but through processing these emotions and being in constant dialogue with God, I know that He is doing a great work within my heart. The joy of the Lord is my strength!! 

I love being a vessel for Gods Kingdom and I love how He hears my voice. 

I asked for opportunity to share the gospel with others and to boldly grow in this gift and He has generously provided. I asked for joy and He graciously removed oppression over me. 

I have asked for guidance over my life and I see Jesus gently taking my hand and leading me in the direction I should go. He says to me in loving kindness, “Take a step, trust me, I won’t let you go!”. The world is chaotic and there are hundreds of opportunities at my fingertips but if I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and acknowledge Him in all my ways He will make my path straight. (Proverbs 3:5). 

God is constantly drawing me back to Him. I love His constant pursuit and steadfast love! 

Please pray that opportunity would continue to present itself to share the gospel, that joy would continue to flow out of me in all that I do and that Jesus would speak clearly to me for what I should pursue after Justice Semester. Please also pray for those in Thailand that have heard the good news of Jesus. Pray that the seeds planted would take root and grow into deep love with Christ! 

Many tales to come, 



Week Five! 

Week Five!! What!? This week for outreach we did something a little bit different! It was valentines weekend, which meant being able to show the love of Jesus to the women in the bars in a new way! Our team partnered with a few other ministries in Phuket where we worshipped Jesus and had volleyball on the beach creating an atmosphere for conversation. I personally have loved beach ministry. It is really cool to step out in faith and boldness being able to start conversation with strangers and discuss faith and share about Jesus and His great love for us! This particular outreach, the guys stayed on the beach and us girls got to go into the Red Light District and distribute cookies with a little card on them! I had a really great conversation with one particular women. I was able to hear about her religion, and share about my faith. My teammate and I gave her the Gospel of John and I got to later share about the beautiful love story of Jesus! She was so intrigued! She asked many questions about Jesus. A seed was planted in her and I pray that it grows much fruit and she comes to know Jesus as her Saviour and first love. 

When distributing cookies at one particular bar, the women rushed from the back of the bar out to myself and teammates where they just wanted to share the love with their friends. Their faces lit up in joy!! I remember walking up to a few of the women dancing on the bars and them kneeling down where they stopped dancing for a few short moments. I can't get their facial expressions out of my mind. How they received it is so hard to explain. It was a moment of relief it felt like, for a few short seconds. A "Really for me?" moment. 

This evening was really cool to be a part of. God is faithful. We have prayed for opportunity and it surely has presented itself. The Gospel is being shared and people are being healed in Jesus name!! 

God is moving in Thailand! All glory and honour to Him and Him alone!! 

Please pray for the women that we reached out too! And for my friend that I was able to share the Gospel too! 

With many tales to come, 



Week Four! 

A Very Warm Hello from Thailand!

It is crazy to think that one month has already gone by. I have learned so much about culture and mission but also how to step out in faith, speak with confidence and walk with lack of fear. I am so encouraged by the way God is using me to bring Him glory and honour. Our team here has affirmed me in my spiritual gifts and have seen the fruit of prayerfully asking for opportunity to use them. 

Over the past month I have learned I was rooting my identity in things other than Christ...Being a musician, my social status and placing my confidence in what others around me say. This has been a humbling realization. My roots are slowly growing deeper and stronger in relationship with Christ. I am learning what it really means to be a daughter of the King. I am loved, valued and the only love I need to receive and share is rooted in Christ. 

To read more on this week Click Here!! 

Big Hugs!  



Week One!  

Hello from Phuket!

After over 20 hours of travel, some motion sickness, and adjustment to heat, time, and food, I finally feel more adjusted to the lifestyle here in Thailand! 

This week, I  spent time getting to know the For Freedom International (FFI) team as well as our classmates! 
We had the opportunity to visit a night market in Old Phuket Town, a classic area of Phuket that I later learned used to be a Red Light District. 

This week we learned the importance of understanding the culture that we are in and how to transition into it. We have studied different cultural perspectives regarding the gospel, as well as justice and compassion. 

Although I am busy studying and diving into the culture, our interns here with us have reported individuals who have accepted Christ as well who have been healed! God is at work and it is so exciting!

Myself and a few other classmates anticipate in serving with worship at our local International Church! 
Pictured above is a night of worship & Bible study.

Praise Items: 
Safe Travels to Phuket
The abundance of good news being shared!

Prayer Items: 
Patience as I continue to learn the language! (I love conversing with the locals using the little Thai I know!)
Heart preparation! We visit our first Red Light District this coming week.

Thank you so so much for sending me and for the abundance of prayers! 

Updates may be less frequent than originally anticipated due to a media statement I signed in order to encourage being more present here in Thailand! 

With many tales to come, 

- Reanne



After almost 24 hours of travel, myself and the JSEM team arrived safely in Phuket Thailand. Our first day (January 12)  was filled with basic orientation. I had a hard time with motion sickness after the plane and few taxi rides, but after a good nights sleep I felt better! Our second day (January 13) we went to International Church and then ventured to a night market in Phuket. 

I will do some more in depth blogs in the future! Just wanted everyone to know that I am safe and sound! 


The day is here!! Can you believe it? I feel as though I've been counting down the days forever!!

Here is my flight itinerary for those who are wondering and would like to follow along! 
I leave Calgary Airport tonight (January 10) at 9:30pm. 
     Calgary --> Vancouver 
     Vancouver --> Hong Kong 
     Hong Kong --> Phuket 

Phuket is 14 hours ahead. When I arrive it will be 11:00am on Saturday January 12! I am ready to face the jet lag the best I can!!   

Please be praying that my flights go well, and that I can rest on the long lag from Vancouver to Hong Kong (13.5 hour flight)! 
I am also prone to motion sickness, so pray that my body will fight that well and will adjust to the new time change quickly! 
I cannot wait for the many tales to tell, and for the glory of God to be shone in the nation of Thailand! 

With lots of love, 

The Adventure Begins...  

Meet Raeleigh! She is one of the seven I get to travel Southeast Asia with. We met up for the first time today and got our visas together! We started our adventures off strong by pushing her car down a couple blocks of snow covered roads, dropping avocados in the grocery store, and injuring four fingers between the two of us I'm not sure how we will last overseas together, but I guess we will have to give it a shot!! I cannot wait to see how God challenges Raeleigh and I as we continue life in steadfast pursuit! 

More tales to come, 
xox - Reanne