The day is here!! Can you believe it? I feel as though I've been counting down the days forever!!

Here is my flight itinerary for those who are wondering and would like to follow along! 
I leave Calgary Airport tonight (January 10) at 9:30pm. 
     Calgary --> Vancouver 
     Vancouver --> Hong Kong 
     Hong Kong --> Phuket 

Phuket is 14 hours ahead. When I arrive it will be 11:00am on Saturday January 12! I am ready to face the jet lag the best I can!!   

Please be praying that my flights go well, and that I can rest on the long lag from Vancouver to Hong Kong (13.5 hour flight)! 
I am also prone to motion sickness, so pray that my body will fight that well and will adjust to the new time change quickly! 
I cannot wait for the many tales to tell, and for the glory of God to be shone in the nation of Thailand! 

With lots of love, 

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  • Mary

    Mary The moon

    Thats awesome! Have fun!

    Thats awesome! Have fun!

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