Life Update: The Big News

Friends & Family 

It is time for an update along with some very exciting news!  

After two years spent at Prairie studying songwriting and one year doing "life in the real world", I am now preparing for a three month trip to Thailand!! 

Over the past year I began to ask myself questions like: 

1) What is my purpose? 
2) What is my vocation? 
3) Where do I see myself in 10 years? 
4) What do I want to accomplish? 

In my mind, these are fair questions for a twenty-year old to ponder. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay not having a definite answer to some of these thoughts. The opportunities in this day and age seem countless. My purpose is to love others and bear witness to the life of Jesus, through whatever I do, wherever I am. 

God has made it very clear to me that I need to go to Thailand. It began many months ago when I intentionally purchased a backpack toward the idea of traveling Thailand - Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam in 2019. I wrestled with who to go with and if mission should be a part of it. The dream quickly ended and I continued life in reality. 

Many months later I was sitting in a church service where a missionary from Malaysia spoke. It was powerful. I felt a strong sense from God to ask him how to “dip my toes” in mission work. Without any hesitation he pointed me toward a new program being launched this coming January called Justice Semester (JSEM).  

When I researched the program I learned that it was based in Phuket, Thailand! From this moment forward I began to ask God to speak to me very clearly and in profound ways. He sure did!! 
With many friends walking alongside me during this process, praying the same thing over me, I am excited to say that Jesus has continued to keep this doorway open, even when I have cried asking him to turn away this opportunity if it is not his will and desire for my life. 
He has shown me himself very tangibly every day. I could talk forever on how he has spoken to me this past month both through people and through His word -- I will save these stories for later.  

What is Justice Semester anyways?? 

In brief, Justice Semester is three months exploring culture, faith, and missions. I will spend 9 weeks studying and travelling this beautiful country, and 3 weeks solely focused on mission work regarding human trafficking and sexual exploitation. (1 of these 3 weeks will be spent in Cambodia). I will be leaving January 11, and my tentative return date is April 7. 

I am really excited to see how God uses me through this time in Thailand. 


Prayer Requests: 

Please be praying for the preparation: 

  • Receiving my Visa 
  • Finances 

Please also be praying: 

  • That I would continue to be spiritually stretched through this process. 
  • That my heart would grow in compassion for Jesus' people. 
  • That I would bear fruit from this season.  

If you would like to support me financially you can do so by: 
Online : Click here  
(Please select "Justice Semester" under "how your donation is designated"and then input "Reanne Schuetzle" in the text box below). 

Via Cheque 
Please have cheques written out to “the Christian & Missionary Alliance” and indicate “Justice Semester – Reanne Schuetzle” on the memo line. 
Please mail this to: 

Attn: Ben Soquier – Envision Canada 
The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada 
7560 Airport Road, Unit 10 
Mississauga ON L4T 4H4 

Pre-Authorized Monthly Payment: 

To contribute a monthly amount toward my support account, email me personally and I will send you an attachment of the form to fill out as well as the "next steps".  

I am very excited for this next season and I cannot wait to see how God uses me as a vessel to further his Kingdom. 

Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for your support! 
- Re 

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