Week Five!

Week Five!! What!? This week for outreach we did something a little bit different! It was valentines weekend, which meant being able to show the love of Jesus to the women in the bars in a new way! Our team partnered with a few other ministries in Phuket where we worshipped Jesus and had volleyball on the beach creating an atmosphere for conversation. I personally have loved beach ministry. It is really cool to step out in faith and boldness being able to start conversation with strangers and discuss faith and share about Jesus and His great love for us! This particular outreach, the guys stayed on the beach and us girls got to go into the Red Light District and distribute cookies with a little card on them! I had a really great conversation with one particular women. I was able to hear about her religion, and share about my faith. My teammate and I gave her the Gospel of John and I got to later share about the beautiful love story of Jesus! She was so intrigued! She asked many questions about Jesus. A seed was planted in her and I pray that it grows much fruit and she comes to know Jesus as her Saviour and first love. 

When distributing cookies at one particular bar, the women rushed from the back of the bar out to myself and teammates where they just wanted to share the love with their friends. Their faces lit up in joy!! I remember walking up to a few of the women dancing on the bars and them kneeling down where they stopped dancing for a few short moments. I can't get their facial expressions out of my mind. How they received it is so hard to explain. It was a moment of relief it felt like, for a few short seconds. A "Really for me?" moment. 

This evening was really cool to be a part of. God is faithful. We have prayed for opportunity and it surely has presented itself. The Gospel is being shared and people are being healed in Jesus name!! 

God is moving in Thailand! All glory and honour to Him and Him alone!! 

Please pray for the women that we reached out too! And for my friend that I was able to share the Gospel too! 

With many tales to come, 



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