Week Four!

A Very Warm Hello from Thailand!

It is crazy to think that one month has already gone by. I have learned so much about culture and mission but also how to step out in faith, speak with confidence and walk with lack of fear. I am so encouraged by the way God is using me to bring Him glory and honour. Our team here has affirmed me in my spiritual gifts and have seen the fruit of prayerfully asking for opportunity to use them. 

Over the past month I have learned I was rooting my identity in things other than Christ...Being a musician, my social status and placing my confidence in what others around me say. This has been a humbling realization. My roots are slowly growing deeper and stronger in relationship with Christ. I am learning what it really means to be a daughter of the King. I am loved, valued and the only love I need to receive and share is rooted in Christ. 

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Big Hugs!  



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